Here we provide datasets being generated by our group and/or links to relevant datasets used in our work. In particular we are working on the development of so-called "snow reanalysis" datasets. These are novel datasets that merge meteorological datasets, remote sensing data, and snow model estimates to generate probabilistic estimates of snow variables in mountainous domains. Provisional and permanent datasets (or their appropriate links) will be kept here as datasets become publicly available.

Sierra Nevada Snow Reanalysis

We have been working on the development of a snow reanalysis dataset for the Sierra Nevada in the Western US. This mountain range provides a significant amount of water to CA in the form of spring-time snowmelt. We have recently developed a new method for estimating snow water equivalent (SWE) in space and time over large regions.The methods used are outlined in Margulis et al. (JHM, 2015) and preliminary results are presented in Margulis et al. (JHM, 2016). Follow-on work using the dataset includes: Margulis et al. (GRL, 2016), and Huning and Margulis (2017a), (2017b), and Huning et al. (2017).

Below we provide a link to the first version of the post-processed reanalysis dataset for Water Years 1985-2016. The data, which consists of the static DEM data for the domain, as well as the daily snow water equivalent (SWE) and snow covered area (SCA) is available in HDF5 format. See the README file in the repository (linked to below) for more information on the data and its format.

Sierra Nevada Snow Reanalysis Data Link (note a free sign-up may be required if you don’t already have a Box account)

The snow reanalysis method uses data from the following sources: